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PENTAX offers two roof prism binoculars for everyday use - be it moderate or extreme weather conditions. The lightweight PENTAX DCF CS series is available in 8x42 and 10x42 models that offer tough, water resistant, fiber reinforced polycarbonate bodies, a durable internal focus design and a rubber covered exterior.

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DCF CS models

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The PENTAX DCF ED binoculars combine Extra Low Dispersion glass elements, full reflection and phase coated prisms, hybrid aspherical lens elements and fully multi coated optics. Built to last with JIS Class 6 waterproof construction, DCF ED binoculars feature a durable magnesium alloy body and a hard coating to protect exposed lens elements.

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DCF ED models

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The DCF SP series of binoculars, including the award-winning 10x50 DCF SP, has all the quality features you'd find in higher-priced European models at a fraction of the cost. The exceptional image quality and edge-edge sharpness comes from a long list of outstanding features including an inner-focus optical design incorporating hybrid aspherical eyepiece lenses, high-resolution phase-coated roof prisms, hydrophobic coating on exposed objective and eyepiece lenses, and multi-coated optical elements.

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DCF SP models

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See what you might have been missing with the PENTAX PCF WP II series of binoculars. The perfect companions for observations made at dusk or dawn, these high-performance models come with large objective lenses for superior light gathering in even the lowest light conditions.

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PCF WP II models

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The PENTAX XCF series combines outstanding optical performance with exceptional value. Ruggedly styled and providing excellent viewing comfort, the PENTAX XCF series binoculars are as easy to operate as they are to afford.

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XCF models

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XF Eyepieces

PENTAX XF eyepieces offer high-refraction, low-dispersion lanthanum glass elements to provide high-resolution images with minimal aberrations.  Ideal for observation and photography of planets.

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XF Eyepieces models

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XO Eyepieces

The PENTAX XO eyepieces are the perfect choice for high-magnification observation and photography of the planets. Engineered using advanced computer simulation design technology, these high-performance eyepieces features smc full-surface multi-layer lens coating to improve light transmission, high-refraction lanthanum glass elements for clearer images with minimal aberrations, and JIS Class 4 weather proof construction for protection from the elements.

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XO Eyepieces models

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XW Eyepieces

With unsurpassed optical clarity and offering a 70 degree field of view for comfortable viewing, PENTAX offers a wide selection of focal lengths with the XW eyepieces. They feature fully multi-coated lenses to increase light transmission and color quality, high-refraction lanthanum glass elements for high-resolution images with minimal aberrations, and JIS Class 4 weatherproof construction for durability.

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XW Eyepieces models

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