PENTAX PF-65ED II spotting scopes are designed for high-precision outdoor viewing, along with enhanced optical quality which provides truer color tones. With porro-prism optics and a 65mm objective lens with extra-low dispersion optical elements, they deliver sharp, high-contrast images. Viewing in inclement weather won't be a problem as the PF-65ED II series is waterproof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6). The PF-65ED II spotting scope is available in either a straight version or angled version (PF-65ED-A II) that features a 45-degree slanted lens barrel for comfortable viewing in just about any situation.


  • Enhanced optical quality.

  • ED glass optical elements give truer colors and a sharper image.

  • 1.25” eyepiece attachment accepts any Pentax eyepiece from a 20x-60x zoom eyepiece to a host of fixed, high quality eyepieces.

  • Fully-multi-coated optics provide the maximum light transmission with little glare.

  • Angled or Straight versions to meet a variety of viewing situations.

  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions.

Product Type

Porro-prism, straight type

Objective Lens

Extra-low dispersion glass elements

Focusing Range

Approx. 16.4' to infinity (5m to infinity)



Lens Construction

XF 12(32.5x)
XF 8.5 (46x)
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm (20-60x)
XW 20(19.5x)
XW 14(28x)
XW 10(39x): XW 7 (55.5x)
Zoom 8-24mm (16-48x)


XF 12(32.4x)
XF 8.5 (46x)
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm (20-60x)
XW 20 (19.5x)
XW 14(28x)
XW 10 (39x)
XW 7(55.5x)
Zoom 8-24mm (16-48x), SMC PENTAX

Apparent Field Of View

XF 12: 60 degrees
XF 8.5: 60 degrees
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 42-60 degrees
XW 20: 70 degrees
XW 14: 70 degrees
XW 10: 70 degrees
XW 7: 70 degrees
Zoom 8-24mm: 38-60 degrees

Real Field Of View

XF 12: 1.85 degrees
XF 8.5: 1.3 degrees
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 2.1-1.0 degrees
XW 20: 3.5 degrees
XW 14: 2.5 degrees
XW 10: 1.8 degrees
XW 7: 1.25 degrees
Zoom 8-24mm: 2.4-1.25 degrees

Field Of View At 1000m

F 12: 32m
XF 8.5: 22m
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 37-17m
XW 20: 61m
XW 14: 44m
XW 10: 31m
XW 7: 21m
Zoom 8-24mm: 40-21m

Field Of View At 1000y

XF 12: 96'
XF 8.5: 66'
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 111-51'
XW 20: 183'
XW 14: 132'
XW 10: 93'
XW 7: 63'
Zoom 8-24mm: 120-63'

Exit Pupil

XF 12: 2.0mm
XF 8.5: 1.4mm
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 3.2-1.1mm
XW 20: 3.3mm
XW 14: 2.4mm
XW 10: 1.7mm
XW 7: 1.2mm
Zoom 8-24mm: 3-1.4mm

Eye Relief

XF 12: 18mm
XF 8.5: 18mm
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 11-15mm
XW 20: 20mm
XW 14: 20mm
XW 10: 20mm
XW 7: 20mm
Zoom 8-24mm: 18-22mm

Relative Brightness

XF 12: 4.0
XF 8.5: 1.9
XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 10.2-1.2
XW 20: 10.9
XW 14: 5.7
XW 10: 2.9
XW 7: 1.4
Zoom 8-24mm: 16-1.7

Eyepiece Ring


Body Color


Height Width

10.6 x 4.5 x 3.3


37.0 oz. (1,050g)


Body: Nitrogen-filled, 1m depth


Objective lens cap, eyepiece ring cap, case

  • Objective lens caps
  • Case

  • Eyepiece lens cap


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