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MediaImpression 3.6.1 LE updater for Windows

MediaImpression 3.0(3.1) may not be installed in the Windows 8 environment which is bundled CD-ROM for below object products. In this case, download the MediaImpression 3.6.1 LE updater and install it. (To install MediaImpression 3.6.1 LE updater, bundled CD-ROM is necessary)  It cannot update MediaImpression 2.0 and earlier version.  Other than Windows 8 environment, if you already installed MediaImpression 3.0 and later version, automatically update to MediaImpression 3.6.1 LE / 3.6.2 LE from ArcSoft Inc. therefore this update is not necessary.

How to Update
1. Please download and save the file into appropriate folder on your Hard disk
2. Close all programs running on the computer.
3. Insert CD-ROM to CD-ROM drive. (If start up and screen is displayed, close the screen)
4. Double click the downloaded file to decompression.
5. Open the decompression folder.
6. Double click the Setup.exe.
7. The Installer will start, following to the installation display
Update history

March 7, 2013 MediaImpression 3.6.1 LE updater

[Main changes from Version 3.0(3.1)]
• Corrected --- MediaImpression 3.0(3.1) may not be installed in the Windows 8 environment

1. This software may only be used by users who own the MediaImression.
2. This software is covered by a software license agreement. Please read the software license agreement before downloading the software.
3. You will have agreed with this software license agreement when the download starts.
  • Media Impressions updater for Windows Download